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Barbershop Harmony Society Code Of Ethics


1. We shall do everything in our power to perpetuate the Society.

2. We shall deport ourselves and conduct the Society's function in such a manner as to reflect credit upon the Society and its membership.

3. We shall conform to all aspects to the bylaws of the Society and the rules from time to time promulgated by its Board of Directors.

4. We shall accept for membership only congenial men of good character who love harmony in music or have a desire to harmonize.

5. We shall exhibit a spirit of good fellowship toward all members.

6. We shall refrain from forcing our songs upon unsympathetic ears.

7. We shall not use our membership in the Society for personal gain.

8. We shall not permit the introduction of political, religious or similiar controversial issues into the affairs of the Society.

9. We shall, by our stimulus to good music and vocal harmony, endeavor to spread the spirit of harmony throughout the world.

10.We shall render all possible altruistic service through the medium of barbership harmony.